Our swimmers show incredible depth of spirit, determination, and dedication. They are competitive, eager, and excited to be able to prove themselves strong and capable.

Our coaches help them reach their potential, it’s a two-way street. Every one of our coaches comes away with as much, if not more, personal and professional development as a result of their efforts. A Seahawks reference on a resume is a plus for any candidate.

We offer a uniquely incredible experience for all of our volunteers, including regular practices, regional/provincial/national meets, friend-building, and some terrific social and fundraising events.

We ask for a minimum one-year commitment. Our weekly practices take place at the Dundas Community Pool on Market Street, Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm. Secondary practices run from noon-1:30pm on Sundays. We break for holidays and summer. As well, we attend monthly meets throughout the GTHA/Golden Horseshoe, and other meets as we qualify and are invited.

Our coaches must have some swimming experience; competitive swimming experience is a huge bonus. Some of our swimmers are newer to the sport and need one-on-one support in the water.

Management of the team is handled by a group of parent volunteers, who arrange everything from transportation to bake sales, from swim meets to administration. Our coaches need only focus on the task of helping our swimmers excel in their sport.

If you are interested in joining our team, or have questions about the prospect, please contact us online using our convenient contact us form, or by phone, at (905)648-4844, ask for Mary.


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