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See what’s new in the world of swimming, Special Olympics, and the Seahawks!

We’ve Really Grown This Season!

It’s exciting to see our pool so full of swimmers these days! In fact, we’ve welcomed so many new swimmers this season that we’ve had to suspend new registrations for the time-being; that’s a great new look for our club!

We’ve all noticed the many new faces in and around the pool. Please feel free to introduce yourselves to our swimmers and their families and support friends. They’ll have questions for sure.

One of the biggest perks to being a Dundas Seahawk is the friend-building and support we get from each other. Swimmers and their people all benefit from the relationships they make around the pool. We’re a tight group and all of our team members are aces at looking out for our own.

So a hearty welcome to all of our new members. We’re happy to meet you! And if you need anything at all, just ask!


Provincial Qualifier Thank You!

Running an event like the recent Joanne Malar Provincial Qualifier at Westmount Pool in Hamilton, takes the effort, time, contribution of more than a hundred volunteers, both out front and behind the scenes. Everyone pitched in happily and, according to the Program Manager at Westmount, there has never been a more efficiently run swim meet! Kudos to all to helped out!!

There is one volunteer, however, who didn’t get a thank you. She’s

Profile pic, Mary
Mary, Team Manager/Coach

the one who rallied the rest of us into putting our best feet forward and pulling the whole show together. She worked tirelessly in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the meet, and then didn’t stop for a moment the day of. At one point, I saw her running around, sandwich in hand, making sure everyone and everything was in place.

Our team manager, Mary Cleland, is one remarkable woman. This was the first time Dundas Seahawks had been involved in a swim meet of this magnitude. And Mary aced it, making us all look like pros!

It is Mary who keeps us all together. She makes the calls, arranges the rides, scouts the swimmers, scrounges for sponsors, and makes sure every single detail is spot on. It is exhausting just watching her.

The Dundas Seahawks Swim Club members and their families would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Mary for all of her hard work and dedication. We all consider it a privilege and an honour to have you on our team.

Looking For Help For Our Upcoming Provincial Qualifier

To: All Dundas and Oakville Athletes/Families/Guardians

As you are aware, the Swimming Provincial Qualifier, (PQ) is being clipart swimmers racingheld on Sunday, March 29, 2015, which is only three weeks away.  The Dundas Seahawks and the Oakville Marlins swim teams have been chosen to co-host this PQ.  This means that both clubs are responsible for organizing the swim meet and will share the financial costs.

Pool rentals are very expensive and the rental fee alone is $2,700.

In the past, both communities have always tried to run swim meets where the athlete comes first, and that is our goal for the PQ.  We are reaching out to our families in both communities regarding financial assistance.

clipart pool lanesThere are 8 lanes in our Westmount Pool and we are offering families/businesses the opportunity to sponsor a lane(s).  We would showcase their signs during the meet, in our program, and in local newspapers in both communities.  The individual sponsorships do not have to be a large amount, but every little bit will help.

Please contact Bernie Cuzzolino or Mary Cleland with any questions or offers to sponsor.

Thank you again for all your support throughout the years.  We are looking forward to our Provincial Qualifier and for the athletes to have an amazing competition.


Mary Cleland, Team Manager/Coach – SOO Dundas Seahawks
(905) 648-4844

Bernie Cuzzolino, Head Coach – SOO Oakville Marlins
(905) 257-5114