The Dundas Seahawks Swim Team is a self-sufficient, non-profit organization. While we are an affiliate, we are not funded by Special Olympics Ontario. It is therefore up to our team members to shoulder the financial needs of the club.

We have always tried to keep our registration fees for our swimmers at a minimal cost, while providing as much as we can in return in the way of uniforms, equipment, and facilities. Most of our swimmers are adults on very fixed incomes, and sudden (substantial) increases in our costs – such as the one we were hit with this past season – create a real hardship for our members. We try to make up the difference with fundraising, but in the end, it comes out of our swimmers’ pockets.

And so we turn to people with big hearts and ask for their support in financing our efforts. Individual, small business, and corporate donations are a key to the success of our members. We are grateful to people like yourself, who are willing to donate to our team; your generosity is both appreciated and needed.

If you would like to make a donation to the Dundas Seahawks Swim Team, we will be providing a DONATE option below in the very near future, so that you can do so simply and easily through the security of PayPal, whether or not you yourself have a PayPal account.

If you would like to speak to our Team Manager about making a corporate donation, please use this link to our Contact Page Form.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your interest in our quest. Our appreciation of your support translates directly into our success. And our success eventually benefits all.


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