The Dundas Seahawks Swim Team is a competitive  swim team that has grown since its 1986 introduction of 6 swimmers and 2 volunteer coaches, to our current roster of 35 team membersSeahawks 2013 and as many as a dozen invaluable and dedicated volunteer coaches, head coaches, and a team manager. Each of our swimmers are challenged by some measure of intellectual disability. And many of our members and volunteers have been with the team for over 20 years!

Our coaches include a number of volunteer parents, as well as several students from McMaster who are gaining valuable practical experience toward degrees in the fields of kinesiology, physical education, and health sciences. Our swimmers benefit from the compassion and dedication of these individuals almost as much as our coaches enjoy teaching them!

Special Olympics Ontario formed several Districts with the Province of Ontario and the Dundas team is one of many clubs within the South Central District, which encompasses Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, and Brampton.

Defi Sportif 2014-5The swimmers train for various regional meets, held by our conference host cities..

Our team practices out of the Dundas Community Pool on Wednesday evening from 6:30-7:30pm and again on Sundays from 10:30-12:00noon for those who want the extra training. When starting with the club, many of our swimmers require one-to-one

Cathie Coward photos /Hamilton Spectator
Cathie Coward photos /Hamilton Spectator

assistance to learn and improve some basic swimming skills, and so it is necessary to have volunteers who are willing to get right in the water with them.

From not being able to swim a stroke at the outset, many of our swimmers have made tremendous accomplishments, attending Provincial, National, and even International and World swim meets. The Provincial Spring Games are held every four years and the Dundas Seahawks have always provided about half of Ontario’s Provincial representation.

The National Summer Games are held 2 years after the Provincials, and again, the Dundas Seahawks have always had a contingent of swimmers attending these games. Two of our swimmers have been very fortunate and have trained extremely hard to attend the World International Games in past years. One of our male swimmers attended the World Games in Connecticut, U.S.A., and Dublin, Ireland. And one of our female swimmers attended the World Games in Athens, Greece in 2011.

Cathie Coward photos /Hamilton Spectator
Cathie Coward photos /Hamilton Spectator

These accomplishments were only made possible by the excellent coaching that our swimmers receive from their truly knowledgeable volunteers. Without our kind and caring team of dedicated volunteers over the years, there would be no Seahawks team.

Our team is a non-profit organization, depending solely on the limited incomes of our members, and the generous donations given by individuals and businesses through our various fundraisers. We are not funded through Special Olympics Ontario. Some of our expenses include weekly pool rentals, lifeguards, team swim gear, rental of the pools for our monthly swim meets, and any other training equipment our swimmers might need.

Cathie Coward photos /Hamilton Spectator
Cathie Coward photos /Hamilton Spectator

If you would like to contribute to our success, please take a moment to make a donation through our PayPal Donate link. We thank you for your support!!

As we travel through our new season, we look forward to meeting new faces, making new friends, and welcoming new teammates as we strive for success, bravely in the attempt!


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