Welcome Back!!

As our 2017-2018 season is about to start, there’s a few things everyone needs to know.

Not to worry if you think you missed the first practice last night. You didn’t. They’re doing some work on the pool, so our first practice is actually next week, Wednesday, September 13 at 6:30. See you then!!

All SWIMMERS AND COACHES, please wear your purple team shirts to practice on Wednesday. Alex will be taking new pics of everyone for the website! For sure this time….

Everyone should have already submitted their registrations for the season. A late submission has been arranged for only one swimmer. If that’s not you, and you haven’t registered/paid yet for this year, hurry up. Registration has been opened up to new swimmers again, and there is the possibility that a new swimmer could take your place. If you have any questions about or problems registering, get hold of us immediately by clicking here to Contact Us online.

Our first meet is already on top of us. We’ll be competing in Georgetown on September 24th! The volunteers who put the meets together need as much time as possible to make sure everyone’s names are entered and included. Please please please click here to email Shannon RIGHT NOW to let her know whether or not you’re attending, so the nice people doing all the work can get it all together quickly and easily.

Our Dundas Seahawks Swim Meet is scheduled for November 26 and plans are already in the works to organize the bazillion details necessary for us to look good! Karen Kiely has emailed us all to let us know that she’s collecting used books – in good condition – for a team book sale fundraiser at the meet. She’ll be attending practices when she returns from a family event on September 20 and can start taking those books off your hands then. Start early, clear off those shelves, and give your books new homes this Christmas! (Our Dundas Seahawks Cookbooks are still, and will be available for sale at the meet!!)

Alex has reviewed and revised the entire website for the new season. With the exception of team and coach pics, it’s all been freshened up. If you find any typos or *gasp* errors, please let her know so she can fix them up right away. You can email her directly by clicking here.

Don’t forget to Like our Facebook Page, and put the app on your phone so you can post pictures and comments. If everyone fills it up over the season, we’ll be able to watch a heck of a slideshow at the banquet next year! Team effort guys!!

That about does it for now. Looking forward to Wednesday when it’s Everybody, Into The Pool!!

Posted by Alex Brown.


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