New Season, Many Changes, LOTS of Info!

Welcome back, everyone!! We’re off to a terrific start to our 2016-2017 season, with new volunteers, new swimmers, and a whole new management team! More than ever before, communications amongst all of our team members will be critical in keeping things running smoothly.

So while this is going to look like one heck of a website update, here’s everything you need to know to be ‘in the know!’

Meet Dates

Most of our meet dates have been scheduled for the season. Some have not. Check out our CALENDAR page for the latest info, directions, and details. Click here to get to the CALENDAR PAGE.

Seahawks Cookbook

Coach Janet has been emailing us all summer and is now coming up against the final deadline for recipe contributions to our first team cookbook. She’s asking each swimmer to submit 3 recipe favourites and is still missing contributions from several swimmers. If you haven’t submitted your 3 favourite tasties yet, click here for more info and links to our submission page.

Special Olympics Registration

Because our Dundas Seahawks Swim Club operates under the umbrella of Special Olympics Ontario, our swimmers have to register with both our team and SOO. If you’ve filled out a form and submitted your fees, you’re good and registered with our team. (If you haven’t done that yet, click here to download the Seahawks Registration Form, and get on that.) In addition to that, click here to learn more about why you need to register as an athlete with Special Olympics Ontario. As of right now there is no charge to do this, though there’s no guarantee that won’t change down the road. To link to the form and register with SOO, click here to get there and fill out the form online.

Message From Our Manager

The grand team effort by all of the volunteer parents/friends/athletes/family members who have taken on all of the jobs previously – and magically – performed by Mary, would be a colossal confusion if not collected and directed by our new Team Manager, Kim Gagnon. Kim’s Intro Memo to the team, if you missed the email, is available by clicking on this link.

Communications From The Team

And lastly – for today anyway – as noted above, communications between all team members – athletes, families, volunteers – are crucial to our team running smoothly. Paper is slow, tedious, and expensive. If you have access to email and internet, please switch now to paperless team communications. If you still need paper copies of notifications, talk to Kim to make arrangements, though you may be asked to absorb some of the copy and mailing costs.

To the left of this post is a ‘sidebar’ of information. At the top of thesubscribe-site-capture list of links and details is a widget that asks you to sign up to email updates on this website. Enter your email address – as many as you like, for as many people as you think need access to team updates – and follow the instructions. You will then receive an email notice and link directly into your inbox of any updates posted here on the website. With each email, you will have the option to unsubscribe if you choose. There aren’t many – you might receive one or two a month. This is the easiest way to stay informed.

fb-like-captureIf you happen to use Facebook, click here to ‘LIKE’ our Seahawks Facebook Page. Facebook has the added benefit of sending immediate notifications to your phone – perfect for last minute notices like snow cancellations, venue changes, and reminders. The best part about Facebook, though, is that is allows all of our team members to post pictures, videos, and comments for the whole team to share. We can comment on each others’ pics, chat, and like/love/laugh with each other.

If you have any problems at all with any of our online and email stuff, shoot a quick email to and Alex should be able to talk you through.

That does it for now – enjoy the beautiful never-ending summer of 2016 and see you at the pool!

~ Alex Brown


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